Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lawrence University International Students Caberet - Appleton Photography - M. C. Kinney Photography

130 Lawrence University International Students came together for their portrait hours before their Annual Cabaret. Approximately 50 nationalities are represented at Lawrence. Here, they're having some fun before their big performance!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

American Flag Fence - Appleton Photography - Photography Backgrounds - M. C. Kinney Photography

This last Saturday, my nieces Amanda and Jessica volunteered to help me change up the look of my fence in hopes of again making it something both I would find fun to photograph my clients on and something my clients will want to have as a background. With the American flag theme I think we've accomplished our goal. The fence started out with a pastel garden-like theme. Painted partly in an "English old world style" and partly in a "French style;" the background worked  for senior sessions. But I wanted more!
It started with the girls painting over the original background.
Then we used a chalk line to create the horizontal lines of the stripes of the flag. Here Amanda is using a level to make certain the stripes are horizontal while Jessie holds the far end of the chalk line. (Aren't they handy?)
Then Amanda painted the stripes with a roller while Jessie painted the blue rectangle for the stars. Amanda had made a star template and along with me, helped to paint back the stars in white. I think it turned out pretty cool! Now, I know many of you are going to count the stars...and yes, there ARE 50 United States and therefore 50 stars on the current American flag. But...we didn't want to crowd the stars. At one point we had placed what would have ended up being 68 stars on the flag...which would be like a 2085 version of the flag instead of the 38 star 1876 version that now adorns my fence.
Here are the girls showing off their hard work and creativity! "Rustic Americana" I call it! Oh, and here's me getting in on the act! (That's right, I'm wearing an American flag shirt!!)

By the way, when the weather warms up, I'll be hosting an entire day of a t-shirt/flag art making project and family portraits after in your new creations! Perfect right before 4th of July, don't you think?!

Thank you Amanda and Jessie for helping! Your hard work is greatly appreciated! I love spending quality time with you girls, and I know you enjoyed the gyros at Josef's GyroKabob!

Logan and Brycen - Easter Bunny Pictures - Appleton Photography - M. C. Kinney Photography

Logan was very happy to spend some time petting and holding the bunnies (which he named Fluffy and Fuzzy), but Brycen wasn't quite sure what to make of them! He did like being close to them, but I don't think he wanted them on his lap!