Friday, December 11, 2015

Jamin - Appleton Paintball Senior - M. C. Kinney Photography

Congratulations Jamin on nearing your final months of High School! 
Good luck with your paintballing! Looks exciting! to view more great images!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Michael - Appleton West Senior Photography - M.C. Kinney Photography

Congratulations Michael...your big year is finally here! to see more great images!

Weimaraner - Appleton Pet Photography - M.C. Kinney Photography

Photographing pets has always been fun for me.  This gorgeous Weimaraner, "Bianca Twilight" came along for the ride with her humans while they were picking up a senior book from their daughters senior portrait session. I asked if they had a few minutes for me to take a couple shots of her and here's the result. Beauty, eh? If you're thinking of having your pet photographed, don't hesitate to call. I'd love to create some art of your fur-baby too. to see more great Appleton Senior and Pet Photography!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Friday, August 7, 2015

Nathan - Appleton Senior Photography - M. C. Kinney Photography

So, even though Nathan is obviously not a Packer fan...he's still got some pretty good style! Be true to your team and have a great senior year! to see more great Appleton Senior Photography images!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

PPA Intl Print Judging - Appleton Photography - M.C. Kinney Photography

Last years PPA International Print Judging garnered me 3 Merits (out of 4 images allowed for submission) with 1 going Loan, and this year I've done the same. The judging, held this week in Georgia, is a five day event where thousands of images are viewed, critiqued and judged by several international panels of Judges. The images however can't be shown to the public until after the PPA Convention, held over the winter, so I thought I'd post last years images instead.

The first image, a Merit and a Loan image was taken at Joshua Tree State Park in Arizona on the way to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. The sky that day was actually dark and windy, with a wind storm almost preventing us from seeing anything that day. Considerable artwork was done to change the sky and highlight the trees. The top image is the original, the bottom is the final image titled Evening Oasis.
The second image, which also received a Merit was taken on the same trip but at the Muddy Mountain State Park in Nevada in the middle of the day. Typically this is not the best time to shoot landscape images, but sometimes the schedule of the day takes precedence over my photography wishes. The image is titled Layers of Time in homage to the many different layers of the rock that form the mountains.

The third image also received a Merit and is titled Meandering Calm. It's an old-World antiqued application to one of the many Tall Ships that tour the US waterways.
And the fourth and final image, The Girl's Got Flair did not Merit. But to be honest, it's still one of my favorite child portraits that I've taken recently. It's a portrait taken in a hotel of the adorable 5 year granddaughter of a friend of mine. I dropped out the background, added some flairs and a painterly look to finish it off.

So next year, sometime in February I should be able to post this years images. Sorry for the wait, but I wouldn't want to hurt my chances of getting those images any other awards that might be available!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bristol Ren Faire - Appleton Photographers - M. C. Kinney Photography

One of my favorite summer events to attend is the Bristol Renaissance Faire in Bristol, Wisconsin. It's always entertaining, from Adam "Crack" Winrich with his flaming whip crackin' fun to  Dirk and Guido, two of the best swordsmen on the planet (and bold and stupid men to boot!), to the 'manly' art of jousting and horse riding done by Maximillian and his peers. This is one of the hundreds of images I've taken over the years of Max and his steed as they round the corner within the jousting ring. I've added my own twist to this amazing event and created a work of art that I feel brings me back to the time of castles and knights. to see the best in Appleton senior photography and family photography.

Luke - Winneconne High School Senior Photography - Appleton Seniors - M.C. Kinney Photography

Congratulations Luke! to see more great images!

Amanda - Appleton Senior Pictures - Neenah High School Seniors - M. C. Kinney Photography

Congratulations Amanda! to see more great images!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sheila - Head Shots - Appleton Photography - M.C. Kinney Photography

Lookin' gooood Sheila! With great style comes a woman with great skills...this enthusiastic stylist is being featured in several national trade magazines in the next couple of months, highlighting her amazing sales and marketing skills, and was in need of an updated head shot. Sheila has been my stylist and I've been photographing her family and her kids for many years now! Thank you Sheila and congratulations on this huge honor! If you want Sheila to be your stylist, contact her at Tanglz Salon on Oneida St. in Appleton. to see more great images!

Luke - St. Mary Central Menasha High School - Appleton Senior Photographers - M. C. Kinney Photography

Congratulations Luke! to see more great images!

Alex - Appleton Senior Photography - Neenah High School - M. C. Kinney Photography

Good luck with the band! Love this look! to see more great images!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Desiree - Oshkosh West High School - Oshkosh Senior Photographers

Congratulations Desiree. to view more great senior portraits!

Joey - Neenah Senior Photography - M. C. Kinney Photography

Congrats Joey! Have a great time at UWO! to view more great senior images!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Appleton Photography - Street Music Week - M. C. Kinney Photography

The street musicians are out all this week during the noon hour on College Avenue in Downtown Appleton. Today I caught this guy playing his flute (he also played his guitar but I was with a client and missed that portion of this performance).

While he was packing up a little girl in a bright yellow dress was singing (at the top of her little lungs) "I got love, love, love, love, down in my heart; down in my heart; down in my heart; I got love, love, love, love, down in my heart; down in..." Well, I think you get the idea! lol

Come on down all this week to support your local musicians and raise money for Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin!

Theresa - Neenah Senior Pictures - Appleton Photographers - M. C. Kinney Photography

Congratulations Theresa! Good luck with LaCrosse!
30% OFF June Session Fees

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fox Valley Seniors - Class of 2015 Graduation - M. C. Kinney Photography

Talking with and learning about so many young folks future plans is one of the best parts of my job. I know most seniors and parents think I will just photograph their kid, pump them through the system and say "next." But that is never the case for me. I not only NEED to get to know them so I can incorporate their likes and personality and style into their images, but I also WANT to get to know them so the time we spend creating is more memorable, personal and enriching for all of us. I enjoy laughing with them, entertaining them, crying with them (although to be honest, I don't really like some of the crying but I do realize what an emotional time this is for everyone), creating with them and hopefully sharing some stories with them (did I ever tell you about the time I jumped out of a plane or got lost on a volcano?)... But I digress...

This years Class of 2015 was another great group of kids. So many dreams and plans they have! And for most, those dreams started tonight or last week as they heard their name being called out, walked across a stage, took their diploma and shook hands with their Principal. Hopefully everyone escaped without tripping! But even if anyone did...good on ya! You've done it! This great portion of your young life is finally (!) over and now you can get on with the next, bigger part!  The part you've always been dreaming of; a little smarter, a little older, with great senior pics (see how I snuck that in there?!), a cellphone in your pocket and a smile on your face!

I want to Congratulate the Class of 2015 for this accomplishment (isn't is good to be accomplished?) and wish you all the best in the future!

Your Photographer (and hopefully friend);

Mariah - Neenah Senior Photography - M. C. Kinney Photography - Appleton

Thanks Mariah for the great time!  I hope you enjoy the image! And thanks to Festival Foods for sponsoring!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Lake Blue Cypress - Florida Vero Beach - Middletons Fish Camp - M. C. Kinney Photography

Almost one month ago I spent three great days enjoying the rustic and natural beauty of the tranquil Lake Blue Cypress in Florida. One of the amazing experiences we had, outside of photographing hundreds of osprey and their young and watching an alligator come up to our porch overhanging the water, was of seeing these three cottages on stilts. Currently unoccupied due to some government tomfoolery, I had the great fortune of meeting three sisters whose childhood was spent visiting with their grandfather that owned one of these great buildings. According to the sisters Erin, Ginger and Michelle, they spent their days swimming with the gators when taking their lake baths. Oh to be young and crazy again!!
Here's a quick image of the homes in their current state. Beautiful, mysterious, eerie and dilapidated. What fun must have been had in these back in the day...

Friday, May 22, 2015