Sunday, March 22, 2015

Jaden and Jory - Easter Bunny Portraits - Appleton Photography - M. C. Kinney Photography

Two of the sweetest boys came in to visit with the bunnies today and have their portraits taken. I think they enjoyed themselves!

 Jory wasn't so certain he wanted to hold one, but he did want to carry it in the bucket and did get nose to nose with one at one point!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bennett - 1st Communion Portraits - Appleton Children Photography

Bennett came into the studio for his 1st Communion Portraits, a family tradition that his Grandma  has incorporated into all of her grandchildrens lives. Bennett chose this image to hang on the wall, and I'm pretty sure he picked out the outfit he's wearing also! Congrats Bennett!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Photography Seminar - Fox Valley PPA - Appleton Photography

I attended the Fox Valley Professional Photographers Assoc. meeting yesterday held in Green Bay and came back with some terrific new ideas. I'll be implementing some pretty important pricing and product changes in the near future so stay tuned for that! I think everyone is going to like them!

Somehow during the general meeting I was nominated to an advisory/voting position on the board (the same board I stepped off of a year ago to dedicate more time to the studio)...the good news is that I have no real duties except to advise, listen and talk...three things I'm really good at! lol Oh, and arrive an hour early for each seminar for a board meeting...which  will cut into my bird photo-ing time...but I guess I can handle one hour a month! ha

Luck O' The Irish - Appleton Senior Photography

Today, St. Patty's Day, is the one day of the entire 365 days of the year where it's okay to call the studio McKinney Photography (as long as it's said in an Irish accent)! Throughout the year, I often hear the studio name referred to as McKinney but have to say Em-Cee Kinnee to let them know the M and the C are initials, not the Irish or Scottish prefix. So, on this day, raise your glasses, raise your voices and say Slainte and McKinney Photography...don't ya know!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Morgan - Neenah Photographers - M. C. Kinney Photography

Thank you Morgan for your continued support of the's been fun getting to see you and Jack grow up! Have a great final few months in high school!

Brady - Shiocton High School - Appleton Area Photographers - MC Kinney Photography

Congratulations Brady! Good luck in the future!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

15th Anniversary - M. C. Kinney Photography - Appleton Photographers

Today marks the 15th year of my purchasing M. C. Kinney Photography from Milt Kinney. March 15, 2015. It's like a double Golden Anniversary! Kind of makes me a bit introspective about the years gone by. When I purchased the studio, the entire deal from start to finish took 15 days. (Perhaps I should start playing the number 15 more frequently in my lotto numbers.) I was actually working toward purchasing a studio I was managing in De Pere but was unable to reach a mutually satisfying agreement. I had heard a rumor that Milt's studio was for sale and one night on the drive home I called to ask him about it. 15 days later I owned the studio. It was a coming home of sorts for me as I was raised in Appleton but had remained in Green Bay after graduating from St. Norbert College. But now I was not only back in Appleton, but in the 100 block of Downtown doesn't get more Appleton than that!

On this day I want to thank all those that have supported me through the years, my loyal clients and friends. I hope you have enjoyed the images I've created and continue to see the value they create in your life! I am blessed!

Sara - Appleton Photography - High School Seniors - M. C. Kinney Photography

Thank you Sara for the fun session! Have a great last couple of months in high school!

John - Fox Valley Lutheran - Appleton Photographers - M.C. Kinney Photography

Thank you John and congratulations on your final year! It was great seeing your dad again!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Adam - Neenah Photographers - Appleton - MC Kinney Photography

Congrats Adam! I hope your final year of hs is great!

Courtney - Appleton East High School - M. C. Kinney Photography - Appleton Photographers

Thank you Courtney for the Road Trip session! I really enjoy spending time with you and your family, finding unique and fun locations to bring out your personality! I hope you enjoy your Road Trip t-shirt and the beautiful book! And congrats on your recent successes!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Kade - Appleton East High School - Appleton Photographers - M. C. Kinney Photography

Congratulations Kade! I hope you enjoyed your session!

Natasha - Neenah H.S. Photography - M.C. Kinney Photography - Appleton Photographers

Thank you Natasha and the whole family for trusting me with your senior portraits! You girl have some major style! I hope you're enjoying the book!

Bunny and Children Portraits - Easter - Spring Portraits - Appleton Photographer M.C. Kinney Photography

We're bringing Bunnies back! 
This year will be epic for the bunnies! We've arranged to have at least three fluffy kid-friendly bunnies available to be photographed with your kids for this Spring and Easter special. 
Your child will love spending some time holding, petting and playing with the bunnies...some kids remember this session for years! And you'll have gorgeous images to hang on your walls and to share with Grandparents, family and friends as your children grow.

March 20 - 22, 2015
$50 Mini-Sessions - 20 minutes each
Ages 6 months to 8 years 
Best outfit choices include Spring colors, dresses, Easter outfits, bib overalls or sets.
All purchased images include social media images.