Friday, August 25, 2017

Appleton Senior Pictures ~ M. C. Kinney Photography ~ Tracy Van Zeeland

School is starting next week, or for some in the Appleton area has already started. And based on the hundreds of cars parked at Winagamie Golf Course today for a Cross Country meet with about a dozen area schools, clearly fall sports are well underway. So this begs the question: Have you had your Appleton Senior Pictures done already by Master Photographer Tracy Van Zeeland of M. C. Kinney Photography? Maybe you're scheduled in the next few weeks, I know I'm still shooting and scheduling seniors daily this time of year. But I know many will be missing out on the rite of passage if they don't get in the books SOON!
Katherine is an Appleton Area Senior whose family I've photographed for years. Her session was a mix of downtown images and images taken at her home. 

Many students these days ask, why? Why should I hire someone to photograph me when I have a camera phone with me 24/7? Let me go over some of the reasons I think having a career professional (i.e. ME) take them is important.

First, this is your one big chance to shine. No other image of you will follow you around during your lifetime and beyond as your senior portrait. This is a fact. At every reunion, there it is. At your funeral, there it is (sad but true). When you meet the love of your life, that image will almost assuredly be in a slideshow at your wedding. And just wait until your kids and grandkids get a hold of it. I can guarantee, you're going to want it to be a great image!

Second, with someone that knows how to light and how to pose properly, we can create images that will bring out your best features. I want to have as much fun taking the images as I want you to have getting them taken, so I play at getting you relaxed and enjoying the process. This way, we're able to get great expressions that moms adore (let's be real, they adore you anyway, but they really like to see your teeth...must be the money! and they really like to see you enjoying yourselves).

Third, as a teen that was a bit overweight, had braces for 6 (!!!) years and wore glasses, I can honestly say that my self esteem may not have been as good as it should have been in regards to my looks. I knew that my self worth wasn't attached solely to that (no ones should) but it didn't exactly boost my confidence. But having my Appleton area senior pictures taken by a professional that knew how to bring out my best features really made me realize I didn't look half bad. Now to be honest, my goal is not for you to think you look "half bad." In fact, my goal is make you realize how absolutely fantastic you look and show off your best attributes, whether it's your eyes, your smile, your flowing hair, whatever, my goal is to boost your self esteem and make you realize how wonderful a person you are inside and out.
This beautiful young lady is my Goddaughter Jessie (full disclosure). Along with several of her lifelong friends we went to an area sunflower field to capture some of their senior pictures. We've also photographed her paddle boarding on a lake and at an Appleton area park for variety. 
A fun time was had by all!

I have to be honest, I could go on for hours about why I think Appleton Senior Pictures are important and why I think you should have them done. Let me leave you with this thought, my parents have moved 3 times since I graduated from high school. And every time they move, those images of me and by siblings go right back up on the wall. So thankfully, my mom saw the importance of having someone qualified, competent and fun photographing them for me those many (many, many) years ago. Because every time I walk past them, still to this day, I think how wonderful it was that my parents cared enough about me to have it done right.

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