Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Appleton Sports Photography ~ Appleton North High School ~ GameFace Elite Images

Volleyball, football, cross country, soccer, la crosse, lions, tiger and bears oh my! Appleton high school sports photography is finally here! It's one of my favorite times of the year because there are so many great Appleton sports photography opportunities!

Today was one of those days when I was fortunate enough to photograph a local football player for his High School senior pictures including some of him on Appleton North's football field in his uniform. So far this year, they've won their first two games and he had really high esteem for the rest of the season. At an impressive 6' 6", as a defensive player, he was easy going and enjoyable to work with in the extreme humidity early this morning.
Appleton Sports Photography taken on location at the school football field.

If you're a High School Senior, incorporating your interests into your images is one of the best ways to commemorate what your life is like now, at this milestone in your life. Years from now you'll be able to look back and think "I did that." "I was a jock, a band geek, a computer nerd, a size 6." So many things that you take for granted now, you'll look back on in 20, 30 years and think "those were the days." And having senior and sports photography done by a career professional will be invaluable as time passes.

GameFace Elite Images

Again this year, we're offering the GameFace Elite Images. These are not for the weak of heart. These sessions are a creative way to show off you AND you playing your sport. First, we photograph you in a controlled environment. Lights, intense poses, chiseled features, me (usually) on the ground. Second, I attend one of your local games and photograph you in action. Third, I marry the images together to create one spectacular image. Fourth, and perhaps the most important part, we print this image large (LARGE!!) for you to hang in your bedroom, game room or even in your man cave so you will have it to view forever!

Volleyball season in underway!

It's one all-inclusive price, which can be reduced if your teammates get together for me to photograph multiple students at one event/game. You do not need to be a senior to contact me to do your GameFace Elite Image (I've photographed students as young at 10 for this).

1 Student:  $175
2 - 3 Students: $150 each
4 or more Students: $125 each
Includes 24x16 Photographic Print, Studio Session and Game Session, All Artwork and Design, One Student Per Composite.

Basketball Tournaments are a great time to have this session taken!

Keep in mind, the earlier you schedule this, the more likely I'll be able to schedule one of your games into my schedule.

So, whether you still need senior pictures taken or want to showcase your sport with a GameFace Elite Image, call 920-739-4306 or contact me today!


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